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Fiat 500 Second Skin: Your Customized Fiat 500

08 April 2016

FIAT 500 950x550

FIAT’s concept for its FIAT 500 family was always that of a family of cars that keeps growing through innovation both in terms of technology as well as aesthetics and overall design. And true to this commitment, FIAT has just launched the FIAT 500 Second Skin, a new and exclusive collection of models that widen any customer’s opportunities for customisation.

“Fiat design is about three things namely design, practically and fun. With the introduction of this new Second Skin collection, FIAT continues to stress the fun aspect of the 500 model as any driver’s opportunity to address his unique personality through an image and designs that can be customized according to the client’s requirements,” explained Francesca Mamo, Managing Director of FIAT Malta.

The FIAT 500 Second Skin models come in a variety of new colours, trims and unique outer designs such as ‘stitched’ effect, individually coloured side mirrors, striped and camouflaged effect and more. These include the Comics Nero Giallo, Comics Nero Rosso, Camouflage, Burlington and Summer.

“Today we are aware that for many customers, looking good is important. This is why FIAT makes cars that turn heads. Its cars are packed with innovative design twists that not only make each and every journey easier and safer but happier too. We know this and this has been confirmed very recently as well when the first three models of the new FIAT 500 Second Skin that arrived in our showrooms sold straight away,” added Francesca Mamo.

“Style is a matter of character; you either have it or you don’t. With the FIAT 500 Second Skin models, no one will doubt your stylish attitude,” concluded Francesca Mamo.
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