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Fiat Tipo Wins Autobest 2016 Award

22 March 2016


At an awards ceremony in Mila, the new FIAT Tipo was declared the winner of the Autobest 2016 Award. The Autobest award was presented by an international jury of 26 motoring journalists representing 26 European countries and covering 91% of the continent’s total population.

The FIAT Tipo is the third Fiat model to win the Autobest award, which is a record among the brands assessed by Autobest: the first was Panda (in 2003) and the second was Linea (in 2008).

The jurors awarded 1,492 points to the FIAT Tipo for thirteen different parameters, including design, comfort, running cost-effectiveness, driveability, price, service network, spare parts distribution, versatility and buy-back value. In brief, a car must be the best buy for most European customers in order to win the coveted accolade.

The FIAT Tipo is the most recent addition to the Fiat line-up. This model, which maximises FIAT’s quest to bring value for money, is packed with what customers genuinely appreciate, with a simple range and a transparent commercial offer. The remarkable potentials of the new model are confirmed by the over 15,000 orders received in little more than two months since its launch.

The Autobest 2016 award ceremony is the first after the jury was expanded to include eleven new members representing Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Turin, 12 February 2016

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