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Service and Repairs

Service and Repairs


Once you're the proud owner of a Fiat, you'll want to look after it. From the regular checks you can carry out yourself, to the essential services we can help you with, taking good care of your Fiat will help keep everything running smoothly.

To get the very best out of your Fiat, we recommend you get it serviced regularly at our Service Centre. We can offer you a choice of three fixed-price servicing packages. Simply choose one that suits your needs.

Having your car serviced or maintained by the Waldorf Auto Service Centre gives you total peace of mind. Work is carried out by specially-trained technicians and only genuine Fiat parts that come with a one year warranty are used.

Upon your arrival to our Service Advisors at our Service Centre will:
  • Attend to you promptly
  • Agree the work to be carried out and provide an accurate quote
  • Agree a time when your vehicle will be ready to pick up
While your car is in our garage we will:
  • Ensure that only appropriately trained Fiat technicians carry out work on your vehicle
  • Provide a professional recommendation if we identify any parts that require replacing, about whether they should be replaced immediately, or at which point in the future they should be re-checked
  • Only ever replace additional parts with your permission
  • Use genuine Fiat parts, which all carry a one year warranty
  • Call you to confirm when your car is ready
When you come to collect your car we will:
  • Explain the invoice to you to ensure you understand the work that has been carried out
  • Give you a Service Report indicating the result of the checks performed on your vehicle.

Fiat Aftersales – Service, Repairs and Parts Centre, Pantar Road, Lija. Tel: (+356) 2331 6000

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