Fiat 500 Dolcevita

Hatchback, Cabrio


Glass roof (on HB version)​
Chrome details​
Styled Headlamps halogen​
Defrosting mirror​
Rear parking sensor​
Door sills plate​
7” Radio​
Carpllay/Android Auto​
6 Speakers​
Cruise Control​


An icon stands out all by itself in the crowd. Especially with details such as the chromed accents on the handles, front bumper, door sills plate and exhaust tips, further enhancing the glossy  and distinctive Dolcevita look.


In addition to being iconic, it is functional. The Dolcevita has a 50/50 rear seat that provides more cargo space when needed. In addition, its dashboard shares the same color as the body, keeping its style and unmistakable look also on the inside.  


Feel 500% safer knowing that your 500 Dolcevita has tech safety features that will assist you when driving, such as parking sensors, cruise control and speed limiter.



You will also be able to connect your cell phone and access its content thanks to the pairing with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.