Just Launched: The 500e will electrify your lifestyle!

Just Launched: The 500e will electrify your lifestyle!

The iconic Fiat 500e has finally made its way to Malta after its unveiling during the Motors Inc Open Weekend between the 29th and 30th of May. Taking after its predecessor, the all-new 500e is fully electric, modern, and made perfectly for the city. 

While the 500e is available in three different trims (Passion, Icon, and La Prima), it also comes in nine colours some of which include sought-after ones like Ocean Green, Celestial Blue, Rose Gold, and Cloud Grey (Matte). 

This icon can accompany you for up to 320km or even reach 460km in urban driving mode. The charging time of the 500e is as astonishing as the car itself. A full day of driving can be reached within minutes with its 85 Kw, therefore you won’t miss your time in the sun.  Meanwhile, with just 5 minutes, you’ll get 45 KM. 

Drive stress-free in automatic mode and take advantage of its one-pedal driving, where you’ll be able to accelerate and decelerate in one swift motion. The intuitive 500e will keep you safe during your urban travels with its Level 2 Autonomous Driving (ADAS). Make the most out of the new 500 latest addition which is the Sherpa Mode, which saves you energy whilst using this modern vehicle. 

The starting price of a well equipped Fiat 500e is 27,200 (8,000 already reduced with government grant), and comes with 5 Year Warranty as well as 8 Year Battery Warranty. It can be viewed at the Fiat Showroom – Motors Inc, Mdina Road, Qormi.

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